Kyle Whipple


Hi, I’m Kyle Whipple. What makes me come alive in life whether in my marriage, as a parent, a friend, a member of a local church, or as a financial advisor is to identify needs around me and find ways to fulfill them. There are a million ways to help the people that we come in contact with on a daily basis (both inside and outside of our firm) and figuring those ways out are one of the things I’m passionate about. Building financial plans or as we like to call them “Retirement Blueprints” for my clients that pave the way for a satisfying retirement is one of the ways that I do that with the people that walk through my door every day. I am a father of 5 children: Keira, Caedmon, Beckham, Graham and Mylo and a husband of 18 years to my beautiful wife Aimee. I am a follower of Christ, a member of my local church, a musician, songwriter, a major fan of soccer, a huge lover of coffee, Detroit sports teams and all sports related to THE Michigan State University. This always provides for plenty of healthy sports debates in our office! My family plays a huge role in my life whether that’s having the opportunity to perform in musicals with my daughter at a local play company, teach her to play the guitar, help my son learn how to mow straight lines in the backyard (still working on that one), coaching sports, date nights with Aimee, spending time outside with them and my personal favorite (and my wife’s least favorite) wrestling with the boys! Growing up in the Plymouth-Canton area, I jumped at the chance to come back home from living out-of-state to join C.Curtis Financial in 2011. I have the privilege of loving what I do and regularly look forward to coming to work. Our office is filled with laughter and I am honored to be a part of the staff and see the way they reach out to enhance our clients’ experience.